Spring Cleaning Checklists & Clearance Specials

CRAZY about Spring Cleaning

Spring is here!  Warm sunshine, blooming flowers, and everything turning green means it’s time to get outside and enjoy Spring.  A breath of fresh air does a body good!  The fresh new beginnings of Spring can motivate us to clean up our lives.  We are Spring Cleaning at the Dazy.  We are so excited about our new Spring & Summer merchandise, that we are marking down items to make room for them and passing the savings on to you.  Check out our Clearance Section!  The Messenger style Diaper Bags above are great bags and so unique!  Having Baby’s name stitched on the front will make them even more special.  These bags make great baby gifts!  They would also make a great surprise Mother’s Day gift for any special expectant lady in your life.

Spring also means it’s that time of year for Picnics and Casual Get-Togethers.  We have made it easy to do these in style!  You are sure to love the Picnic Plus casserole carriers, deck caddies, and lunch totes. These were designed with Moms in mind!

What kind of summer outings do you have planned?  Are you hiking, going to the beach, or visiting a zoo? Staying organized will make these trips easier.  Grab one of these Cool for School Backpacks, throw in some snacks, sunscreen, and water bottles and you are ready for the adventure.

Are you looking for a fun, personal, and yet usable Mother’s Day Gift?  These Ultimate Totes are perfect!  Not only will they work on vacation, they can work everyday.  They can help keep shelves organized, store seasonal items, hold shopping bags at the mall, or carry groceries.  Pick out one for Mom and have it personalized.  You know her best.  Would she prefer to have her name embroidered on it, or would she prefer Mom, Grandma, Mimi, Nana, or another special name?  Did you have a special Aunt, Neighbor, or Friend that influenced your life?  Mother’s Day is a great time to honor them too.  These Totes make great gifts for any stylish woman in your life. Be sure to check out all of the great items in our Clearance Section!

We are enjoying our Spring Cleaning at the Dazy, but what about at home?  Most of us need a little help getting motivated and organized!  We found a couple of great list to help motivate ourselves and thought you might enjoy them too.

If you need help getting inspired, check out the cute fun Spring Checklist from Joanna Gaines at Magnolia.  We love Joanna’s ideas and organizational skills.  This list has motivated us and we wanted to share it with you! (above two pictures via Magnolia)

Would you like a No-Stress Schedule for Spring Cleaning?  Darling Magazine has published a No-Stress Spring Cleaning Checklist.  This list is serious about cleaning!  Taking on the world won’t seem like such a challenge once you’ve conquered this list.  Every closet, drawer, and corner will be clean and organized when you follow it. If you are serious about clean, give this a try and let us know how it goes. (picture via Darling Magazine)

If you have any great Spring Cleaning tips, please share them with us.  We are all moms or wives here at The Crazy Dazy and we desire to help make other women’s lives easier by sharing helpful hints, recipes, and other life things we have found.