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Stephen Joseph Shark

Stephen Joseph Shark

It is July and we are in the middle of Shark week!  Sharks can be scarey and interesting all in the same thought.  We are intrigued by the way they live and how they work, but we are also scared of the threat they are to us.

ABC News reported that the 8th attack in the last 3 weeks off of North Carolina’s coast, occurred this past weekend. Injuries from these attacks have ranged from an 8 year old boy with bite wounds on his ankle and heel to two people who had to have limbs amputated.  2015 has the most shark attacks recorded off of North Carolina’s coast, in the 80 years that records have been kept.  According to CNN, there have been 11 Shark attacks so far this year off of North & South Carolina coasts combined.Migrating Sharks

The Active Times list the 10 most dangerous beaches for Shark attacks in the U.S. as:

10) Horry County, SC – Home of Myrtle Beach,  since 1837, Horry County has 29 recorded Shark Attacks with no fatalities.

9)  St. Lucie County, FL – Florida is the state with the most Shark attacks in the country.  St. Lucie has 30 recorded attacks with no fatalities.

8)  Charleston County, SC – 30 recorded Shark attacks with 2 of them being fatal.

7)  Martin County, FL – with 34 Shark attacks on record including 1 fatal one, Martin County has one of the highest rates in the state.  Juniper Island and several State Parks reside in Martin County.

6)  St. Johns County, FL – located in northeast Florida, St. Johns County beaches include:  St. Augustine, Crescent, and Point Vedra.  St. Johns County has 35 recorded Shark attacks with no fatalities.

5)  Oahu, Hawaii – has recorded 35 Shark attacks with 5 of them being fatal.

4) Maui, Hawaii – also has 5 fatal attacks included in their 55 recorded Shark attacks.

3)  Palm Beach County, FL – This county includes West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach.  According to the International Shark Attack File, there have been 67 recorded Shark attacks in Palm Beach County with none being fatal.

2)  Brevard County, FL – includes big touristy Satellite & Cocoa beaches.  There are 122 recorded attacks with 1 fatality recorded in 1934.

1)  Volusia County, FL – New Smyrna Beach is known as the Shark Capital of the world.  It is located in  Volusia County on Florida’s east coast.  Volusia County has 267 recorded Shark attacks with 238 of those attacks occuring at New Smyrna.  There have been no recorded fatalities.Shark

Even though we should be a little scared of sharks, we can’t seem to get enough of them.  Discovery Channel’s Shark Week aired with the most programming hours ever this past weekend.  It seems that we are intrigued with our predators.

USA Today reports that the U.S. normally sees 30-40 attacks per year with zero or one being fatal.  We have already exceeded half that amount with 1 fatality this year.   They report that there have been 23 reported Shark attacks in 2015. This includes one fatal attack in Hawaii.

You can check out where the shark attacks have happened in 2015 by looking at the map on this link:

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