Personalized Dance Bags & 12 Fun Ballet Facts

Dance Class

Dance Class

Back to School means Back to Dance Class!  Here at The Crazy Dazy, we are excited for dance class to start.  We have stocked up on a large supply of great dance bags and we are certain there will be one that is perfect for your dancer!

Dance bags are created with different dance needs in mind.  We offer many different types of dance bags: Shoe bags, Tote bags, Duffle bags, Gear bags, & Garment bags.

Small Shoe Bag

Small Shoe Bag

Your little ballerina may be a doll, but does she have stinky feet?  There are dance shoe bags and bags that have a special shoe compartment.  These bags will help keep everything else clean and smelling fresh.

If she has more than one class, she will need a larger bag to carry her gear in.  Depending on her age, there are small, medium, and large bags in a variety of designs available.

We have great dance bags for older dancers too!  These bags come with shoe compartments large enough for adult sized shoes.  Don’t forget a garment bag for carrying her costumes.

As Dance classes are starting, we thought it would be fun to learn some Dance facts.  Here are a dozen that peaked our interest.


Horizon Dance Bags

Horizon Dance Bags

12 Fun Facts about Ballets and Ballerinas

1) Did you know that ballet started in Italy over 500 years ago?  Soon after, it became popular in Europe and France.

2) The first official ballet was named ” Le Ballet Comique de la Reine” (The Comic Ballet Of the Queen)

3) Women were not allowed to dance in public prior to 1681.  A professional dance company introduced female dancers and Mlle de Lafontaine as the first prima ballerina in 1681..

4) March 4, 1877 Swan Lake premiered at the Boshoi Theatre in Moscow.

5) Sleeping Beauty premiered in St. Petersburg, Russia on January 15, 1890.

6) The famous Nutcracker Ballet by Tschaikovsky is very popular around Christmastime.  It was first performed in Russia over 120 years ago and people didn’t really like it then.

7) In 1910 the first ballet company in America, Chicago Opera Ballet, was established.  Luigi Albertieri, a protégé of Enrico Cecchetti, was the company’s first Ballet Master.

8) During performances, a male dancer lifts over 1 1/2 tonnes worth of ballerinas.  That would be the equivalent of picking up a hippo!

9) Dancing in one ballet takes the same amount of energy used to play in 2 football games. Performing in a 3 hour ballet is said to be equivalent to running 18 miles.

10) What about the tutus? It takes between 60 – 90 hours to make a professional tutu!  Each tutu boast 100 yards of ruffle and cost around $2,000.

11)  Have you ever wondered how ballet dancers dance on their toes?  They wear special ballet shoes called Pointe Shoes. Most professional dancers wear out 2 – 3 pairs of ballet shoes each week.  Pointe shoes add approximately 7″ of additional height to a dancer.

12) While staying in the exact same spot on the floor, a prima ballerina can complete 32 fouette turns. The tip of the pointe shoe will be hot to touch and the pointe will be worn out.  They are no longer good to perform in and will be used only for rehearsal.

Sassi Designs

Sassi Designs


We hope your little ballerina is excited for Dance class to start!  We are! We love seeing all of the dance bags that are purchased and personalized special for each dancer.  We send them out with love and care, hoping that each ballerina feels special and has a fantastic dance year! Just like the Little League player has dreams of playing in the MLB, little Ballerinas dream of dancing in Professional Ballets.

You will help encourage her dreams with a special personalized dance bag.  She will be excited to put her dance shoes and gear in her new bag!

Complete her dance ensemble with one or all of these: a Dance Coin Purse to carry change for the vending machines, a Dance Water Bottle so she doesn’t have to wait in line at the water fountain, a Dance Cosmetic Bag to keep her make-up organized and separate from her clothes, and don’t forget the Dance Bag Tags to identify to whom and where the Dance Bags belong.

I Love Dance Cosmetic Bag

I Love Dance Cosmetic Bag

We also offer a variety of Dance oriented gifts.  Check out these and all of the Dance Bags we offer at and order yours today!




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