Monograms! Which Style Best Fits You?

Monograms never go out of style!  Some years they are hotter than others and this year is one of them!  With so many things to monogram, where should you start?  We think you should start here at The Crazy Dazy!  We offer more monogram styles than others and we offer plenty of great products to put your monogram on!  Check these styles out!

This Fishtail Monogram is hot! It looks classy and funky all in one!  The fishtails on each letter give them a polished look.  This cork bag is unique and a perfect way to show off your own personal monogram!  It also makes a great gift.  When you give a personalized gift, it shows that you took the time to plan ahead and were truly thinking of them.


How about Big & Bold?  This Monogram is an attention getter! It has that classic style with a modern twist.  We love how the letters flow together.  These jute tote bags are a fantastic way to show off your monogram!   It’s fun to carry a bag that other people ask about!  They also make a great gift!  Who can’t use an awesome tote bag?  These tote bags come in solid colors and also in two-tone like this one.  For monogramming, pick a coordinating color for the two-tone bags or pick any color for the solids.  The choice is yours!  Go Big and Go Bold!


Is fancy and traditional more your style?  If so, check out our Vine Monogram. We love how the letters swirl and flow.  Like Ivy grows leaves, this Vine grows letters.  They look feminine and classy!  If you are a girly girl, this monogram might just be for you!


Maybe you want something really different.  If that’s you, this Circle Monogram might be perfect!  You can pick your first or last initial to be stitched.  Each letter pops as it is surrounded by an embroidered circle.  This unique design looks great on anything!  We love showing it off on our solid color jute tote bag.  The stitch color choices are endless.


Monograms don’t all have to look the same.  As with this style above, you can choose to put your initials in order instead of having your last initial be larger and in the middle.  We can do this type of monogramming with any of our fonts.  The gold lettering on this white diamond shimmer carry-all is stunning!  Best of all, it will go with anything.  If gold on gold isn’t your style, choose any color.  They are all going to look great on this bag!

Just like having your initials all the same size and in order, there are other monogram styles too.  This Stacked Monogram is fun and different!  Make the last initial large and the first and middle will stack beside it.  It’s a new modern style on an old tradition.  We love it!

Maybe you want something a little traditional, but with very modern flair.  If that sounds like you, check out our Circle Block Monogram.  In traditional style, the last initial is larger and located in the middle.  The funky font and circle shape give it modern flair.  This monogram is definitely different and unique!

As with all of our Fonts, you can look at the individual letters in each of these monograms on our website.  Sometimes, it makes it easier to choose which Font or Monogram you prefer by looking at all of the letters to be personalized.  Pick a bag and pick a Monogram.  Show off your style today!  As always, our Customer Service Department will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.