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Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, the Christmas shopping season is about to be in full swing. Don’t let the worries of Christmas shopping rob you of the blessings of Thanksgiving! It will be much easier to stay focused on the joys of Thanksgiving, if you aren’t stressing out about Christmas shopping. Order online gifts early so that supply, time for personalization, and shipping time doesn’t become a worry.  If you order gifts now, you won’t be worried about Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  You will be able to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is more than football, turkey, and family reunions.  It is a time to reflect and celebrate the Harvest and the Blessings of the year.  As moms, it is so easy for our day to be consumed with preparing the meal, setting the table, cleaning the dishes, serving dessert, and thinking about how tired we are before we even begin our Black Friday shopping.  With all of that on our minds, we sometimes forget to take time to reflect and truly be thankful for the blessings of the year.

Let us help make your Thanksgiving Day more enjoyable.  Here at The Crazy Dazy, we have prepared a one stop shopping Christmas list for you.  There is something great for everyone on your list!  You can order gifts and have them shipped directly to that special someone on your list or to you.  Order now and receive Free Shipping!

Check out these great Christmas gift ideas:


Boys and Girls alike will love having a new backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, and many other great items they can use when they go back to school for the New Year!  They will love when all of their school friends notice their new stuff!  You can make most of these gifts extra special by having them personalized!





Don’t forget the Teens!  They will also love showing off their new backpacks and lunchboxes when they go back to school for the New Year!  There are bags for girls and bags for boys.  These bags will be extra special when you have them personalized!





Encourage their imaginations with these great wooden toys from Stephen Joseph!  Give them toys that will last and that they will enjoy playing with all year long.  There are fun kitchen sets, puzzles, stringing beads, and more.  Their eyes are certain to light up when they open one of these great toys!






Do you have a little one on your list who is about to start losing their teeth?  If so, these Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillows are a perfect gift!  The pocket will keep the tooth safe and the kids will love snuggling with them!






Get great trendy gifts for the women on your list!  Grandmas, Moms, Aunts, and Friends are sure to love any of these gifts!  There are totes, make up bags, and all kinds of picnic/food carriers.  She will love having a gift picked out just with her in mind! Some of these gifts can be made extra special by having them personalized!






Do you have a little traveler on your list?  Kids will love having their own rolling luggage sized just for them.  Whether traveling far or spending the night with a friend, they are certain to love having their own cute luggage!  On Christmas day, don’t be surprised to see them filling their luggage with their other gifts and pulling it around the house.  You will love the smiles you get from this great gift!  These can also be made extra special by having them personalized!





Whether you are shopping for a little ballerina or an adult dancer, there are great dance bags for each of them.  There are adorable bags for young dancers, trendy bags for teen dancers, and basic bags for everyone.  Most of the bags can be personalized.  Have fun picking out the perfect one for the dancer on your list!






Here is a perfect gift idea for any baby or toddler on your list!  As they learn to feed themselves, they will love using the adorable dishes and utensils by Stephen Joseph.  Mom is sure to love the big bib that will help protect their clothes!  These are available in many of the adorable Stephen Joseph themes.  Give a gift that they will truly use and enjoy!






How cute are these!?!  Put a smile on any little girl’s face with one of these adorable Stephen Joseph purses.  You can give her an adorable purse by itself or you can fill it with some of her favorite things.  The quilted purses are able to be personalized.  This is a gift she is sure to love for a long time!






Last, but certainly not least, give the young ones on your list an adorable Stephen Joseph Wallet. They are certain to love the wallet, but they will love it even more when you add a few dollars in it!  Make them feel all grown up with a wallet of their own.






These are just a few of the great gifts available at  Check out the other great gifts we offer.  You will find our staff friendly and helpful.  Let us help you with all of your Christmas needs! Order today and take the stress off!  Enjoy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas season!













































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