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Do you love the beach?  Do you love vacation? What about a beach vacation? Beach vacations are my favorite! They are so relaxing and fun!

I saw a friend’s post on Facebook this week that said they were headed to the beach for vacation and they were making this trip “unplugged”.  She would be getting back to anyone who needed her when she is “plugged” in again.  What a great idea!

Our best friends had 2 daughters who were stair steps in age to our 3 older boys.  Every summer we would pack our vehicles and drive from Missouri to Florida.  For many years, these trips were naturally “unplugged”.  We didn’t have DVD players for the car or cell phones to fight over.  We played games and talked most of the way.  Your children are a captive audience when you travel unplugged.  It’s a great chance to talk about things you want to share with them.  It is also a great time to listen.  If you really listen, most of the time your kids will open up and share things with you.  If you have trouble starting conversations, play a game.  You can make up a game asking questions everyone in the car takes a turn answering.  For example ask questions like: What are the 5 things you like most about your best friend?, Who are your 5 favorite friends?, What was your favorite Christmas gift ever?, Who is the worst teacher you ever had and why? If you could change your name, what would it be?  What is your favorite food?  If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Once you get them talking and laughing, it is much easier to get them to share other things and to listen when you are speaking.

If you hesitate to go totally “unplugged”, Take 30 minute plugged in breaks.  This will let your teenagers check their messages, send messages, and listen to their music.  It is also fun to take a family movie break.  Put in a movie that the whole family will enjoy.  The driver can’t watch it, but they can listen to it.  In later years we traveled with VHS & then DVD players. We had certain movies that we watched on the way to the beach every year.  My husband always thought it was fun to watch Jaws on our way!  He has a weird sense of humor!  We watched Smokey and the Bandit, Sandlot, Beverly Hillbillies, and more.  Our boys still quote lines from these movies.

We also played games like:  The Alphabet Game – You look for letters in the alphabet in alphabetical order on road signs and billboards that everyone can see. Playing from A to Z.  Q can be a tricky one to find! Everyone helps on this one! The Word Game – Words cannot be repeated in this game.  Someone says a word and spells it.  The next person has to say a word that starts with the last letter of the previous players word.  For example:  The first word could be f- l- a- g.  The next person could say g- r- a- n- d.  The next person could say d- i- p. Etc.  A word can only be used one time.  We played the game where you could not use proper names.  Another game we played with the boys was the Baseball Player game.  Similar to the Word game, someone would name a professional baseball player and the next person had to name a player whose first name started with the first letter of the previous professional players last name.  For example:  Pete Rose, then the next person could use Randy Johnson, the next person could use Jackie Robinson and so on.  If someone used a player whose names both started with the same letter, for example:  Sammy Sosa, the direction of play would reverse.  Instead of going clockwise around the vehicle, we went counter clockwise.  You are out of the game when you can’t name a player.  Each name can only be used one time.  If your family isn’t into baseball, you can change this game to be about anything your family is interested in.  Like: Names of Movies, Names of Princesses, Names of Schools, Names of Food, Names of Colors, Types of Animals,etc.

Traveling in the car can also be a great time to learn.  We had a game called Brain Quiz.  It was for 5th Graders.  There were geography questions, math questions, history questions, and more.  It was interesting as adults to see the things we had forgotten and the random things we remembered.  I am sure you can print a list of great questions from the internet now.

Whatever you decide to do as you travel, you will not regret the time you go unplugged.  Time is valuable, make the most of it!

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