7 Great Water Activites for Kids! Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

School is out and it is time for Summer!  Enjoy the time you have with your kids!  It is too easy to stay inside in the air conditioned house and not go outside in the heat.  Make this summer different!  You and your kids can enjoy time outdoors with fun water activities!  Water activities are a great source of exercise.  The best exercise is when you are having so much fun that you don’t even realize that you are exercising! They won’t mind putting the video games away and getting off of the couch once they see how much fun they are going to have outdoors. With great water activities, you won’t mind the heat either.  The water will help keep you cool or cool you off, depending on which activity you are doing.

Do you realize there are only 12 Summers between your children starting Kindergarten and graduating from High School! Don’t waste any of them!  If you are a stay at home mom, a flexible plan of fun activities can help the hot days of summer to go smoother. Have a plan, but when something fun comes along, scrap the plan and go with it! You can always do the activities you had planned some other time. By turning household chores into games or competitions, the kids won’t mind helping you get the chores done. That way you can all get on with the fun activities of the day.  If you are a working mom and everything pulls at your evening time, you may want to make a Purposeful Calendar.  One that you purposefully schedule time to have fun with your kids. As moms, we have everything pulling on our time. It is too easy to let days slip away and not take the time to play.  Stay at Home or Working moms, when your children are grown, you want them to remember all of the fun that they had with you, not that you never had time for fun.

I had the luxury of staying home with our boys.  Some days it was a luxury and some days I wondered why on earth I didn’t have a job!  They are all grown and married now and even though I stayed home with them, I feel like I wasted too much time with unimportant things.  A lot of the things I spent my time doing had to be done, but I should have enlisted their help and then had more time to play.  Living with 5 males was overwhelming at times! LOL!  Most of the time, I knew that if I wanted it done right, I needed to do it myself.  Sometimes as moms, we think we have to do it all.  The truth is, we don’t.  We put too much pressure on ourselves to make everything perfect.  Reality is that life isn’t perfect and that is okay!  Time is something we can’t buy and we can’t get back!

Our boys were great friends growing up and to this day they are great buddies!  I am very blessed with that. Even though there were 4 of them and they had fun together, they always wanted their friends to come over too.  I almost always said yes.  Our backyard was always full of boys having fun.  Our neighbors used to sit on their porches and watch the boys play.  I am certain that they shook their heads in disbelief of how many boys could play in one backyard!  In the summer, water activities were always a hit.  We swam in the pool, had squirt gun fights, played on the water slide, put the sprinkler under the trampoline, and  many other things.

Here is a list of 7 fun water activities:

Horse Beach Tote

Horse Beach Tote

1) Sandbox – When our boys were young, they loved to play with water in the sandbox.  They were a mess, but they loved every minute of it! Sand is fairly inexpensive and they can have hours of fun playing in it.  You can make fun sand toys out of throw away containers.  A milk jug makes a great funnel by cutting the bottom half of the jug off. Slotted plastic spoons make great sifters. Throw in a few toy cars and they are happy! Just keep the hose nearby so they can rinse off before coming in the house.

2) Swimming/Wading Pool – Who wouldn’t love an in ground pool?  Not everyone can have an in ground pool, but most of us can have some form of a pool.  There are so many options now from very small wading pools to quick set up large above ground pools.  Decks seem like a perfect spot to set up a kiddie pool.  Be careful!  A gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds.  A small round kiddie pool 5′ x 15″ deep holds 126 gallons at 80% capacity.  That is over 1000 pounds of water weight!  Solid ground is probably a much better location for any pool.

3) Squirt guns – You can buy a package of 2 small squirt guns for $1.00 or spend over $50.00 for 1 squirt gun.  That is up to you and also the size of the child (or adult).  The bigger the squirt gun, the more water they hold and the further they shoot!  Kids enjoy chasing each other, shooting at a target, or creating artwork on the sidewalk with squirt guns.

4) Water Balloons are always a hit!    Kids love throwing them at each other, playing catch with them, aiming at a target, or anything that gets them wet!  There are numerous games that can be played with water balloons.  If you are creative, you can make up your own water balloon games! You can substitute wet sponges for many of the water balloon games and activities.  Sponges make clean up easier and you don’t have to continually buy balloons.

5) Water Slides- You can be creative or spend a lot of money on these.  The choice is yours.  You can make a simple water slide if you add a hose to your existing swing set or stand alone slide. It is fun to put the end of the slide in a pool.  Kids love the splash they make as they slide into the pool! Slip and Slides are available in all kinds of price ranges.  You can create your own slip and slide with a tarp and hose.  Secure the tarp to the ground and set the hose up to spray on it.  You can also overlap tarps to make the slide longer.  be sure to put the new tarp under the first one as you overlap them.  When our boys were younger, we bought an inexpensive kiddie blow up pool to put at the end of the slip and slide.  We didn’t blow the pool up tight, so that as we laid the slip and slide over the edge of it, that side would flatten and cause the other side to expand and catch the water.  The boys loved going down the slide and splashing in the pooled water at the end.  Wet slides need close parental supervision!

6) Beach/Lake/River/Creek – If you live close to a natural body of water, enjoy it!  You can enjoy nature at its best and it is free!  Take plenty of toys and activities to keep the little ones busy.  Sand toys and toys they can dig in the dirt with are great to take.  Water toys are perfect too.  Don’t forget the floaties!  Toys they can dip, dunk, and pour with are perfect too.  Take a picnic dinner and enjoy fun family time!

7) Hose & Sprinklers – Give a child a water hose and let the fun begin!  Be careful, you may get wet!  I can remember spraying my kids with the hose and then letting them help me water plants.  I also remember times when they had control of the hose and thought it was the perfect time to spray mom!  I could usually see it in their eyes and know what was about to happen! LOL!  Kids love to run through the Sprinklers!  Hook the hose to a sprinkler and turn them loose!

Kids and water activities are a perfect combination for summer fun!  Check out these fun water activities we found from happyhooligans:

A) Ocean In A Bottle – http://happyhooligans.ca/ocean-in-bottle/

B) 25 Water Play Activities – http://happyhooligans.ca/25-water-play-ideas-backyard/

C) Frozen Fractals – If your daughter likes the movie Frozen, she will love this! – http://happyhooligans.ca/frozen-fractals-activity-ice-play-kids/

These are some of our favorites from happyhooligans.  Check them out and more!

For fun Water Games, check this site out!  http://www.kidactivities.net/category/games-outside-water.aspx

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Whatever fun water activities you decide to do, be sure to remember the sunscreen and to stay hydrated! Have fun making great memories with your kids!

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